3 Important Components Of An Effective Video (Bonus 4th)

3 Important Components Of An Effective Video (Bonus 4th)

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If you're like most people, you've probably watched a video online that was so frustrating, that you had to stop it before it was over. Maybe it was poorly produced, or the sound was discordant, or the person on-screen wasn't engaging.

​Videos are becoming one of the most important tools for businesses and individuals to connect with their audiences -- but only if they're done well.

  1. The video should tell a STORY. Storytelling is the backbone of many successful video content. Telling a compelling story makes your audience understand WHY they should care about the thing you are presenting.
  2. There should be a STRATEGY for the video. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 
  3. You must provide a clear VALUE to your customers. People like to be rewarded. People like to be smart. People appreciate you sharing a piece of useful information. People don't like their time to be wasted.

Watch the video to discover the 4th bonus component.

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