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Join this Virtual
5-day Social Media Surge
And Stop Wasting Your
Social Media Marketing Efforts

This 5-day challenge will equip you with the tools and strategies to create a winning social media marketing plan tailored to your specific needs.

We'll walk you through our proven social media strategy template, using a mock real estate professional scenario to bring it all to life!

15 day money-back guarantee

A full refund will be granted only if you meet the following criteria:

👉 You attend at least three (3) out of the five (5) live coaching sessions of the Challenge.

👉 Within one (1) week of the Challenge completion, you submit a completed social media strategy template
using the template provided by us.

It's 100% Risk-Free!


You don't have a clear content strategy in place.

You feel overwhelmed by the thought of content creation and managing your social media presence.

You struggle to come up with content ideas for your social media channels.

You have a social media presence but lack a clear strategy.

You're new to social media marketing and don't know where to start.

You want to learn effective strategies specifically for the real estate industry.

Here's What You'll Get...

Daily action steps

Simple, actionable tasks to complete each day for both strategy and content creation.

Live coaching sessions

Get expert guidance, ask your questions directly, and see a mock social media marketing strategy
come to life!

Proven content frameworks

Discover the secrets to creating engaging content that resonates with your target audience.

Exclusive community

Connect with fellow real estate professionals and support each other on your social media
marketing journey.

What You'll Learn Each Day:

    DAY 1: Foundations & Goal Setting

    Goal: Define your social media marketing goals and target audience.

    We'll kick things off by diving into the social media strategy template.

    We'll define your ideal client (buyer persona) and establish your social media marketing goals using the mock real estate professional example.

    Day 2: Crafting Your Social Media Presence

    Goal: Identify your ideal social media platforms and develop your brand voice.

    We'll explore the social media landscape, helping you choose the best platforms to reach your target audience.

    We'll also develop a captivating brand voice for the mock real estate professional, ensuring their social media presence resonates with their ideal clients.

    Day 3: Content Pillars & Competitor Analysis

    Goal: Establish your core content themes and analyze your competitors.

    We'll define the key content pillars that will guide your social media strategy.

    You'll also learn how to conduct a competitor analysis using the mock real estate professional to understand the competitive landscape.

    Day 4: Building Your Social Media Strategy

    Goal: Define the posting frequency and content mix for your strategy.

    We'll determine your ideal posting frequency, ensuring consistent visibility without overwhelming your audience.

    We'll also explore the optimal content mix (images, videos, carousels) for each platform.

    Day 5: Measurement & Optimization - Tracking Your Success

    Goal: Showcase how to set up social media analytics and identify key metrics to track.

    We'll discuss key metrics to track your social media performance and identify areas for improvement.

    You'll learn how to analyze data and continuously optimize your strategy for better results.

    BONUS Day 6: Content Calendar Mastery

    ✅ Deep dive into content calendar creation

    ✅ Learn advanced content planning techniques.

    ✅ Master content repurposing strategies.

By the end of this challenge,
you'll be able to:

✅ Develop a comprehensive social media marketing strategy tailored to your specific goals and target audience.

✅ Confidently plan your social media content for weeks or even months in advance.

✅ Confidently navigate the key components of a successful social media plan.

✅ Save time and eliminate the stress of daily content creation.

All participant will receive a free downloadable social media strategy template and content calendar template.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the challenge suitable for beginners in social media marketing?

Yes, the challenge is designed for those new and old to social media marketing, providing a structured learning experience.

Are there any prerequisites or requirements to participate in the challenge?

There are no specific prerequisites, but having a basic understanding of social media platforms can be beneficial.

Will there be any ongoing support or resources provided after the challenge ends?

Participants will receive downloadable templates and will have access to a private community and additional resources sent via email for continued support.

What is the duration of each daily session during the 5-day challenge?

The duration of each session may vary but we're estimating 1 hour to 1.5 hours which will also include actionable tasks and live guidance within a reasonable timeframe.

How can I track my progress throughout and after the challenge, especially in implementing the strategies learned?

Guidance on tracking progress and implementing strategies will be provided throughout the challenge and in the private community, with emphasis on practical application.

What does the 15-day money-back guarantee entail?

A full refund is granted if you attend all live sessions and submit a completed social media strategy template within one week of challenge completion.

How interactive are the live sessions, and can participants ask questions during these sessions?

The live sessions are interactive, participants can ask questions, jump on video to discuss, or even share their screen if necessary.

Is the Bonus Day 6 worth it?

If you struggle to create content weeks to months in advance, it will be well worth your time. We'll go over a few strategies and processes as we create a month's worth of content — then you can adapt and apply them to your own strategy and process moving forward.

Will participants have access to recordings of the live sessions for future reference?

Access to recordings of the live sessions will be provided for participants to review or catch up on missed sessions.

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